Chuck's adventure in winemaking began at a tasting room in Santa Barbara, during an escape weekend from his yuppie life in Orange County. It was there that Chuck caught the winemaking bug. Six months later he had finished Chemistry 101 and transferred to Fresno State University to work on a degree in Enology. Just prior to graduation, Chuck was offered the assistant winemaker position at Estrella winery in Paso Robles. Estrella was sold to the Beringer group (and renamed "Meridian") in 1988, and Chuck continued on as Assistant Winemaker.

During his tenure at Estrella and Meridian, Chuck began consulting for various small wineries in the area. This small side job soon turned into a full time job allowing Chuck to "jump ship" and start his own winery.

Chuck and his wife Kim founded Harmony Cellars in 1989 in a small rented space. Together they produced 2,000 cases of wine the first year. 1994 saw the completion of their winery in Harmony, California on land that has been in Kim's family for over 100 years. Five years later, the couple completed construction on a lovely tasting room with sweeping views of beautiful Harmony Valley.

Over the years, Chuck's wines have garnered hundreds of awards and accolades in local, national and international competitions. Today the winery produces 7,000 cases and still sells the majority to its wine to club members and tasting room visitors.