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Harmony Cellars is a small family-owned winery committed to producing fine wines at affordable prices. Founded in 1989 by Chuck and Kim Mulligan, the winery has grown from a 2,000 case micro winery to a 7,000 case boutique production facility. If you have tasting room questions or would like to purchase from a selection of unique gift items, Kim and her staff are there to assist you daily. They pride themselves on superior customer service and prompt shipment of wine orders.

You will certainly enjoy the small town ambiance and rural setting at the Harmony Cellars location. Winemaking in Harmony is not new and the tradition harks back to the late 1800s. Kim's great-grandfather, Giacomo Barlogio, a founder of the old creamery cooperative in "downtown" Harmony, used to make homemade wine down in his basement. Today's winery sits on a part of Giacomo's original land holdings; land that's been in Kim's family for four generations.

We are fortunate that part of the original Harmony Creamery still stands today and invite you to wander the old brick pathways surrounding this charming, old building and become part of days gone by.

Happenings in Harmony


Check out our scarecrow Amelia Winehart!
She's placed at the Rigdon House
4022 Burton Drive, Cambria

Ruby from Cow Parade SLO sits on our patio!

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